If you wish to keep your car in good condition for a long time, you need to ensure that you maintain it on a regular basis. Maintenance can be quite demanding, but you need to do it either way. It does not have to be expensive for you as there are many things, which you can take care of on your own. Some tips to help you out are given below.

Car maintenance tips

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After every 5000 miles (or 8000 kilometers), you should rotate the tires of your car. Tire rotation refers to the practice tires to evenĀ out the wear. For effective rotation, swap the front tires with the back tires. You should also clean off brake dust on a regular basis. For the tire pressure, make sure that you check at least once every week. This is because bad pressure may have a negative effect on fuel consumption, comfort, and handling. The same can also be said about tread depth. Bald tires are not good on the roads and may even result in an accident due to slippage. If the tread on a tire is too low, replace the tire with a new one.


You should also make sure that the electrical components of your car are in good condition. Disconnect the battery before working on any electrical bit. When disconnecting, start with the negative terminal to avoid any short circuit. Check the status of the battery as well and replace it when need be. Remember to clean the terminals as well.


6yuttr6tfyi6tt7For the engine, start by checking the rubber drive belts that run the pulleys. The belts drive many things including the a/c compressor and the alternator. Rubber can wear off, especially in extreme conditions. That is why it is important to ensure that the belts are in good condition. Ideally, you should check them after every 25,000 miles and replace them after every 50,000 miles. Check the oil level in the engine as well. If the oil is too low or too high, your engine may experience some problems. Ensure that you park the car on a level ground and wait for the engine to cool before you check the oil level. The last check that you can do on your own in relation to the engine is the coolant level. This should also be done when the engine is cool.