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Cool Features To Look For When Buying A Vehicle

The most fundamental reason why you should have a car is to have a means of transport to move you from one point to another conveniently. When choosing a vehicle, it reaches a point where the choice made is not just about those essential features. As such, you need other essential features like GPS systems, advanced security features, ergonomic seats, and many others. Read on to look at some of the extras to look for when buying a new car.

Key-less entry

Keyless entry provides a convenient way of gaining access to any car. Besides this, they QWaSSQwsgive you a chance to get into the car when in a scary situation. With wireless keys, you enjoy the ability to unlock the car just by pressing a button. This is a standard feature in most modern vehicles. If you have an older car, you can always make this switch. Thus, as much as you expect any modern car to have this feature, always confirm before making a purchase.

Dash cams

This is another essential accessory to look at when buying a car. Most modern vehicles have an inbuilt dashboard camera that lets you see other areas where your eyes cannot. Some of these cameras have advanced features that let them detect an oncoming collision. These recordings can be of great help when making an insurance claim or when proving your case.

Backseat entertainment

When going for a road trip, nothings beats the power of having a great entertainment system. As such, most car manufacturers are well aware of the entertainment needs of this generation. Thus, modern cars have things like advanced speakers, DVD players, and even a backseat television.

QadssADCenter mounted airbag

Most modern vehicles have airbags for safety reasons. As such, most cars have a front passenger, driver, and side airbags to protect the people on board. With advanced design and simulation studies, modern cars have center mounted airbags, which have been proven to be excellent especially during a side impact or a rollover.

Above are just some of the many features to look for when buying a car. Of course, you also need to look at the comfort, speed, stability while on the roads, and the brand name. The good thing about the automotive industry is that there will always be a vehicle that matches your needs.

Project TransAM – The Internet’s LT1/LS1 Reference Database

Welcome to Project TransAM!

What exactly is Project TransAM? Well, it’s like a “technical wonderland” for your LT1 or LS1 F-Body Car. Project TransAM hosts the largest Internet F-Body Fix & Installation Database, featuring literally hundreds of cataloged fixes, repairs, and modifications you may want to do to your car. Be sure and also visit our Technical and Social Message Board where you’ll find many experts to help answer your technical questions. Thanks for stopping in!!

We are also proud to announce that the popularity of Project TransAM is exceeding our expectations! Since February 2002, we are now well over 1.7 million hits per month! If you are interested in Advertising on our site(s) please see the Advertising information area.

New! Installing a Pro-5.0 Power Tower Shifter? Check out the Pro 5.0 Installation Page.

New! Project TransAM has a new location for it’s Message Board!! Due to the popularity of this site, it was necesary to split the message board off to an different server to help maintain reliability and responsiveness in both sites. You will find our message board is now located at, another Project TransAM site.

New! Brent Franker has created a part to fix the dreaded F-Body Headlight motor problem. Now instead of buying an expensive motor, you can just repair the one you have. If your headlights make an awful noise going up and down, or don’t go up and down properly, you probably have this problem. For Brent’s solution… CLICK HERE!


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What’s in this WS6/ZXR Competition TA?

Full Racing suspension by Global West
Ground Effects Package by Wings West

SLP Long Tube Headers w/dual 3-inch Random Cats
Flowmaster Exhaust
Beru Silverstones
Taylor 409 Race Wires
Carbon Fiber Whisper Lid w/K&N Filter
GW Upper A-Arms w/Del-a-Lum bushings
GW Lower A-Arm aircraft Bearing mounts
GW Panhard Rod w/aircraft bearings
GW Anti-Squat Brackets Welded into Rear Axle
GW Fully Adjustable Linear Spring setup
GW Shock Tower Brace
GW Lower Control Arms with dual aircraft bearings
American Racing Torque Thrust II’s – 17×11 rear, 17×9.5 front
Kumho VictorRacer 700 competition race rubber
Carbotech Panther Plus Racing Pads (Front)
HAWK Ferro-Carbon HPS Pads (Rear)
Wings West 5-Piece Ground Effects
PIAA 510 Series Fog Lights
Dynamat Extreme interior lining
SCCA SM Class Racing

Additional Pictures…

Picture of ZXR at Local Car Show. Award: Best of Show 2000
Closeup of Torque Thrust II’s
Rear Shot showing 315×35 racing rubber
Large shot showing the ZXR’s profile from back
Shot of Front Global West Adjustable Racing parts that replace stock components
Front View of the ZXR
Side shot showing Profile and Torque Thrust II’s
Engine bay showing GW Shock Tower Brace
PIAA 510 Series Replacement Fog Lights
Zaino Shot from rear Bumper
Zaino Shot showing rear quarter Panel after Sanding & Buffing